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Living Skies Indigenous Basketball Leagu



The Living Skies Indigenous Basketball League (LSIBL) is an unprecedented, cost-free basketball initiative that has empowered more than 2,100 athletes to hone their skills both on and off the court. This provincial-wide Indigenous youth basketball league, which was inaugurated in 2021, attracts over 700 participants and 50 volunteer coaches a year. While initially created for Indigenous youth, the league warmly welcomes athletes from all backgrounds, recognizing the unifying potential of basketball for fostering reconciliation and instigating meaningful change in our communities.


The league caters to athletes aged 8-17 and prioritizes inclusivity by eliminating registration fees. The Junior Division (u11, u13, u15) commences in September and culminates with a Provincial Championship in December each year, while the Senior Division (u18) runs from March to June. LSIBL takes a holistic approach to sports, tending to the physical, mental, spiritual, and cultural aspects of every athlete's well-being. LSIBL encompasses four key components:


1. On-Court Sessions

2. Workshops

3. Cultural Education

4. Personal Wellness

LSIBL, A Journey in Numbers:


Over the span of 2020-2023, LSIBL has seen a remarkable:

- 2,100 dedicated athletes registered and empowered.


Guided by the expertise and commitment of:

- 95 passionate coaches who've shaped young talents.


Enriched by:

- 50+ enlightening workshops.

- 35+ immersive cultural education sessions.


Highlighted by:

- 20 thrilling LSIBL Tournaments.

- 11 transformative camps spanning Saskatchewan.


Reaching far and wide:

- 62.7k individuals engaged on social media.

- 27 news appearances, telling the league's inspiring story.


Building bridges to the top:

- 90 invaluable connections to high-performance coaches and scouts.


Crowning achievements with:

- 2 appearances on NBA Canada / Raptors TV, a testament to LSIBL's exceptional impact.




In its first season, the Living Skies Indigenous Basketball League (LSIBL) left a mark on the lives of its participants, as showcased by the compelling data in the LSIBL Impact Report. 

1. **86 Voices Heard Loud and Clear:** A total of 86 paper survey responses were received, representing the voices of those whose lives were impacted by LSIBL.


2. **Cultural Pride:** 73% of participants proudly identified themselves as First Nations, and an additional 17% identified as Metis, reaffirming LSIBL's deep-rooted connection to Indigenous communities.

3. **Confidence Soars:** 94% of those surveyed reported a significant boost in confidence, specifically in their basketball skills, thanks to their involvement in LSIBL.

4. **Inspiring Futures:** 90% expressed that being a part of LSIBL ignited an enduring passion for sports, stoking their desire to continue playing in the future.

5. **Cultural Reconnection:** Approximately 90% of those surveyed shared that their participation in LSIBL had kindled a profound connection to their culture, with 'somewhat' or 'definitely' stronger ties.

6. **Empowering Girls:** 100% of the girls surveyed reported notable improvements in their basketball skills, proving that LSIBL is a platform for empowerment.

7. **A Commitment to Health:** Nearly 40% of the participants intend to embrace a daily active lifestyle, a powerful ripple effect of LSIBL's influence.

8. **A Bright Basketball Future:** Finally, a resounding 100% of survey participants expressed unwavering commitment to their basketball journey, affirming that LSIBL had ignited an enduring passion for the sport.


These statistics encapsulate the remarkable impact of LSIBL's first season, where the league's mission went beyond basketball, creating confident, culturally connected, and passionate young athletes. LSIBL is not just a league; it's a catalyst for life-changing transformations and promising futures.

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For more information or to register for our Ile-a-la-Crosse basketball camp on May 7, 2022, please click the link below.


If you are an Indigenous youth aged 15-17 and want to participate in the Living Skies Indigenous Basketball League in the spring of 2023, please fill out our registration form. 



If you are an adult (18 and over) and want to coach a team in the Living Skies Indigenous Basketball League in the spring of 2023, please fill out our registration form. 





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